Bidding and Registering with the Saleroom


It is important to register in good time directly with "" and certainly long before the auction has started ! 

Open the Registration Page and create a new account by clicking on the top right of the page on 'create account'.

There are three stages for the Registration process

1.       Enter your full particulars
2.       Provide valid Debit/Credit Card details
3.       Provide your own Password

You will not be required to provide card details in future but you will have to register with "" for each auction.

"" will seek confirmation from GWRA that your registration has been accepted. This process is automatic but if you are blocked for any reason then it will be necessary to contact / 01386 760109 in good time.

We will not have access to bidding approval once the auction has started !

On Auction Day

Log into site and select the GWRA Auction from the menu of Todays Auctions on the right of the screen.

You will be given an option of buttons to either View Auction or Bid.

Should you want to bid in the auction, select the Bid button. No need be wary at this stage that you are actually placing a bid.

On either of these screens you can see the auction but cannot bid unless you select the Bid button.
If you want to bid you will need to enter your password when entering that part of the site.

The Bidding Process

On the left of the screen under the image of the lot on offer is a large BID button, you will be shown which lot is currently being sold and the next increment.

Simply click the button to bid and the bidding will move along. Do not hesitate as the bidding is spontaneous and as quick as it is in the hall.

On the right of the screens is a live image of the auctioneer in action so you can actually see what is happening and provided you have the sound switched on, you will also hear the proceedings.

There is also an option on the screen to scroll back through the lots to see what they realised.
Note that it is possible to set up an alarm for the items in which you are interested which will give warning and ring immediately prior to the lot being announced.


GWRA will invoice successful bidders after the auction as usual.

This will include a Buyers Premium of 18% Inclusive

Here is a link to the FAQ page