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The H.C. & R.M. Casserley Photographic Negatives Auction Part 2 & Others

Saturday 5th December 2020

Live Online 10am Start

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Henry Cyril Casserley was born in Clapham South London and married Kathleen Goose in July 1931, in 1937 they had a son Richard who shared his fathers passion for Railway Photography and his photographs are also included in this sale. Henry's first photograph is recorded as being taken in November 1919. The family lived beside the railway line just east of Bromley South railway station from 1931 to 1939 but moved to Berkhamsted due to the electrification on the Southern Railway. H. Casserley acquired his first motor car in 1934, which aided his reaching obscure small railway lines.

H.C. Casserley

Casserley Collection – Additional Conditions

Larger format are generally 4¼ in x 3¼ in, medium format 2¼ in x 3¼ in. Each envelope often containing 2 or more including non-glass examples, has details of company, loco, location and date annotated. This is indexed against registers. Lots show a brief description but importantly the negative numbers which can be crossed referenced with the registers.

The 35mm negatives do have gaps within the numbering and as with many photographers, multiple shots of the same subject, many with subtle differences, are contained within lots. Therefore, the negative numbers shown in each lot will have the approximate quantity noted that are within a range in the register.

Note that in all cases and despite due diligence, the auctioneer cannot guarantee the cross referencing, nor the actual number of negatives stated.

Generally, each lot has only a sample illustrated, these have been scanned at very low resolution and reduced quality, not only to protect copyright for the buyers, but to improve viewing download time from the website.

Although the entire collection is being sold with copyright, it is known that many have been published and a number are destined to be published in the future.

Lots 1 to lot 358 were taken by H.C. Casserley and R.M. Casserley. Full details of the photographer are contained within the PDF registers below which we suggest you download.

Lots 359-385 Are from the collection of the late Frank Robinson and although captioning is scant it is evident that his favourite location was the Settle & Carlisle route.

Lots 388-395 Are from the collection of the late Dennis Webster and a lot of the slides are annotated with date and locations.


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Please note a Buyers Premium of 18% inc Vat is applicable to all lots Purchased through us directly for this sale. 

The Lots can be cross referenced with the Registers below which will open in a new window. You can also download and save them.