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Hasler Train Event Recorder used on the 'KINGSTON FLYER' Royal Train in New Zealand. It was removed in 1923 and presented to a couple of individuals mentioned later. In 1927 it was re-fitted during the attempt to break the Australian/New Zealand Rail Speed Record. The 11 diameter glass faced, open dial has an enamel segment showing 0 - 60 mph and also bears the makers name 'Hasler Telegraph Works, 26 Victoria Street, Westminster S.W.' The opposite segment has the G.Hasler Switzerland name and logo with a list of patent numbers in various countries. The main part of the dial is open and the mechanism is clear to see including the recording paper showing a graphical representation of the speed. The paper rolls into a drum type receptacle on the side of the unit and this has a brass plate fitted ' Property of Wakefield Castrol Collection - No 21455 Aust'. Across the centre of the dial is a brass plate engraved '1927 Speed Trial NZ - Aust'. Mounted on a scallop cornered wooden presentation base, it carries a fine brass plaque ' Presented 17th August 1923 From All At Waygood - Otis (Aust) Pty Ltd. - To D.W.R. Green Esq and Charles Wakefield N.Z. and Australia - Removed From H.M. Royal Train KINGSTON FLYER - Record Speed Winner - Central Otago, South Island'. Both recipients travelled on the train on behalf of Otis Lifts and Castrol fuelled both the train and the lifts. A small Album given to DWR Green featuring the signatures of the invited guest passengers from his Australian Company accompanies. Note that this incredibly rare Recorder came from the Australian Wakefield Collection through auction. Note: Charles Wakefield set up the British Oil Company on 19th March 1899 and 10 years later produced a new lubricant he named 'Castrol

Auction: November 2013 , Lot: 149
Sold for: £500
Hasler Train Event Recorder Used On The 'KINGSTON